It’s all in how you spin it.

A little over a year ago I accepted a full-time marketing position. I surprised myself by leaving my freelance practice and taking on a role that was largely managerial in nature. I tried not to so much be the “boss lady” but the cheerleader for this large group of marketers. It wasn’t long before I found myself missing my creative projects and arts-based clients.

Early in March I took a one-day creativity sabbatical. Whatever I wanted to do that day, which did not involve my job I simply did. I found myself completely focused on creative pursuits. I painted. I smash-booked (a form of scrap booking). I listened to my favorite music. Most surprisingly of all – I started taking dance lessons.

East Coast Swing lessons to be exact. I’m not sure why we landed there. I think it sounded less daunting than the waltz or the rumba or definitely the tango!

It is such an understatement to say I’m a bad dancer, but each lessons leave me feeling a little more confident and a lot less awkward.

Even I had to laugh at our last lesson when the instructor referred to me as an “alpha female.” I’m not entirely sure if it was a jab or a compliment; perhaps a savvy mixture of the two.

What can I say…this bossy broad just swung over from the office.

About Lori Marble

Freelance writer, worked in public relations 25 years, fascinated by social media and the ongoing conversations.
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One Response to It’s all in how you spin it.

  1. “Creative sabbatical.” Good thinking!

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