Sleep on it

Days 92 & 93: I need to find a blackboard and write 100 times “I will not rip out knitting mistakes after 10 pm!” I’m not at my brightest anytime after 7, so why on earth did I think I could correct a problem late at night. I always need to sleep on any perceived mistake.

Day 92: After the ripping...some progress
Day 92: After the ripping…some progress

This has also been a good reminder to practice mindfulness in my everyday activities. I started knitting exactly because it made me focus on the yarn and the needles, not mindlessly wander around through a bunch of overblown past problems and future “what if” thinking… this “do-over” has been my reminder.




It’s now two days since the big “rip” and there’s additional progress. I threw in a little Zentangle practice just to shake things up.

Day 93: Additional progress and Zentangle patterns
Day 93: Additional progress and Zentangle patterns










I like how the bottom Zentangle pattern “Beelight” picks up the pattern of the knitted stitch.

Funny thing…and this has happened before…when I wasn’t knitting today, the solution to my original mistake slid into my brain. Had I just sat the piece aside for a time when I first made the mistake Thursday, I’m confident the answer would have come in due time and I wouldn’t be scrambling to reclaim former ground now.

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