Manic Mondays

Day 123 (Year of Creative Habits): *Note: please read the following paragraph as if there were “-” connecting each word. It’s one big, hairy thought.

Day 123: Manic Monday Mandala
Day 123: Manic Monday Mandala
You ever have one of those Mondays where you get up way before dawn to drive four hours to your “work home” so you can take a very important morning conference call only to be created by the very loud chirping of a smoke detector … a wired into your apartment crazy loud smoke detector….so right before the call you’re trying to change the backup battery, which does nothing so instead you try to mute your mobile strategically with each beep. Then you finish the call, dial your condo management who say they’ll get someone over, then six hours later, when you’re mercifully enclosed in the relative peace of your office you discover that maintenance still hasn’t come by and it could be early evening before he does so. Gratefully you have dinner with a friend so you go to dinner, when the maintenance guys calls, can’t get into the condo please come home.

Quick hugs with friend. Rush back to condo.

Only to discover at 10:55am I had put the battery in upside down.

Yep…I’m a keeper!

My mandala is what that kind of day felt like from a “creative” viewpoint.

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