Where or where is my blogging routine?

Days 108-121: My Year of Creative Habits – creatively is going great. My blogging habit…not so much. I’ve shaken up my working routine the last two weeks. I traveled to D.C. for a quick visit, expanded my work assignments and visited with longtime friends. Here’s what two weeks looks like (two big views) and three combo views:

Big Crybaby

Day 38 (Year of Creative Habits): I love football. Pee-wee, high school, college, professional – it doesn’t matter I enjoy the game. There’s a lot of shouting and cheering whenever I’m watching. I rarely cry though at the outcome. But I cry during the “big game” halftime show every “stink’n” time. Every. Time. It’s all those happy teenagers and young kids dancing, twirling giant psychedelic daisies or playing wildly painted violins on stage with famous pop singers that gets me. I ¬†imagine how crazy happy and excited they must be at that moment. Then the waterworks start and I’m done…