Seven Degrees of Repetition

I recently painted the same prompt: Think of a time you felt valued – daily for seven days.

Original prompt

Rather than becoming bored with the exercise, I was intrigued with uncovering the daily painting.

Day 1 of 7

I used the same palette all week but intentionally selected specific colors or mixed pigment based primarily on my curiosity.

Black, white, gray – day 3/7

Best takeaway is I’ll continue this color-play, within parameters: same prompt, set a timer for 30 minutes – when the buzzer sounds/paint brush goes down.

The “aha” moments were numerous and enjoyable.

Day 7/7 – inspired by The Wildflower florist


  1. Growth in Art can manifest in two ways. One is horizontal by exploring a variety of techniques and styles, which is enriching in and of itself. But your latest approach is the hardest and most rewarding. By exploring the many variations within a particular focus, you get vertical growth. Congratulations!!

    • Yes. I think 1/7 is my favorite. I have a giant sized extra canvas…I think it’s five feet tall and three feet wide. I’m considering painting this on that. That’s when I’ll really have fun!

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