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Category: Beginnings

Day 97 (Counting Down 100 Days to My 50th Birthday)

In the movie Boyhood, Patricia Arquette’s character tells her son “College is where you meet your people.” I loved that line. College began for me over 30 years ago but I’m blessed to retain several friends from that time. Today was Easter. Perhaps the sentiment of that movie line is more appropriate for the feeling I have toward my relationship with the “people” of my church. Our pastor often refers to us as a community. He talks often about the connections we share. He speaks to the support we need… Read more Day 97 (Counting Down 100 Days to My 50th Birthday)


I would hope for most public relations practitioners the subject of client/employer loyalty would be at or incredibly close to the top of their ethical¬†mountain. Regardless of when I have worked for myself or been employed full-time by a larger organization, I have always stated “I work for the Lori Marble Public Relations Firm [insert employer’s name here] is my largest client. They have me on a very large retainer and they deserve my focused loyalty.” When working in public relations and you come to a crossroad where you can… Read more Loyal