Prepare for the Best

Recently, I was kindly admonished by a friend that I was “worse casing;” envisioning everything that could go wrong with a situation and discounting the positive.

I had to agree. Maybe it’s part of the public relations landscape that I always try to prepare for the worst. I think of all the tough questions, prepare for inclement weather, and anticipate the inevitable hiccup in the plans.

For some that practice would simply be thought of as thorough planning – being prepared. What it doesn’t allow for is the unexpected surprise, the congratulatory email, the perfect day, the better than hoped for response.

“We are what we think about” is an often repeated phrase. The trouble comes when you concentrate on the negative, gear up for a fight or are convinced that any last minute change in plans spells disaster.

So much of life is a mental game. Athletes envision themselves crossing the finish line first, throwing the shot-put the farthest, and clearing the hurdles fastest. None of us would be surprised if a runner stumbled in a relay if all day he had anticipated falling. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.

It’s no different in life, regardless of the circumstance or situation. We get what we anticipate; what we prepare for with our daily thoughts.

Engaging and connecting are basic principles in life; work, at home and play. Living in the moment is wonderful as long as you’ve planned for the future; anticipating the best while staying flexible enough to deal with bumps in the road is a plan I can follow.

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