Allergic to Negativity

I’m developing a stronger and stronger aversion to negativity the older I become. I try to check my own negative reaction to all things “snarky” but find it sometime in short supply. I especially have little patience with my own occasional bad attitude.

Take this week – I have found so many reasons to be thankful and appreciative.

Rather than complain about the high cost of gas, I’m appreciating the opportunity to work and meet “remotely.” Yesterday afternoon I had a meeting via the phone and internet with one of my favorite clients. Many miles separate us but any time spent in discussion always lifts my mood and get me excited about the opportunities ahead.

Rather than complain about all the trash and drama floating around the internet, I spent a good deal of time watching the Venus transit via a live NASA broadcast from an observatory in Hawaii. Several amazingly bright scientists shared minute by minute observations with thousands of listeners around the world. I am “wowed” by how smart these scientists are and how passionately they feel about their field.

Rather than be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information cascading down on my Twitter feed, I chose to focus on one area and was able to “sit in” on a fascinating hour-long live chat with one of my favorite authors. I learned so much, simply as a virtual fly on the wall.

Recently I’ve had lunch with some very clever people, argued the news of the day with a couple more, caught up with girlfriends and enjoyed a great book.

Negativity is fleeting, while appreciation is always good, even when it involves bumps in the road.

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