Tuesdays need creativity

Eighteen months ago I accepted a career assignment that involved a sizable commute. On Monday mornings I drive four hours to my job location, live in an apartment during the week, then drive home Thursday nights and work out of a local office on Friday.

Tuesdays are hard. Tuesdays are when I miss my family the most.

Waxed egg ready for the dye bath
Waxed egg ready for the dye bath

When I made my weekly creative calendar I intentionally selected Pysanky for Tuesday. Unlike anything else, Pysanky makes my overactive brain switch off and simply create.

I had been racing around mentally all day unable to catch up with what I felt I should do or could do; while meetings were stacking on top of meetings.

Then looking through my supplies I found an egg my friend Carolyn had penciled in some lines for my use in practicing. Freedom! I could use this egg to not only practice some

standard lines but try out some other free-hand designs I was curious to see.

I had set aside 45 minutes, but finally wrapped up the waxing two hours later.

On the drying rack
On the drying rack

To keep things simple I chose to dye in black only. I’m going to let it rest overnight and will remove the wax in the morning. (I’m always a bit enamored by the matte look of the egg while the wax is still on anyway.)

Most importantly my brain is relaxed. I’m ready to sleep and take on tomorrow’s demands – tomorrow.

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