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Category: Creativity

Time Warps and WIPs

I’m in the in-between time of having shipped off several canvases to their forever homes or to galleries to strut their stuff or hang in exhibits yet to open. They’re all dressed up with everywhere to go, while I and their younger, yet to fully develop little sibling paintings are hanging out in the nursery, aka basement art room These little “works in progress” (WIPs) are rowdy, demanding my attention. They wake me up in the night demanding a new brush of paint, or perhaps just one more swipe of… Read more Time Warps and WIPs

Jostling Joy and Selective Perception

I’ve joined an art mentoring group, something I’ve wanted to do for a while . Each meeting involves lively discussion, critique of previous effort and homework. This month I’m asked to purposefully consider what I like about the work of other artists – what draws me in, is intrinsically pleasing. At the same time I’ve been asked to thoughtfully look at my “style”…what I like about the way I paint, what colors I come back to, brushstrokes and symbols/patterns that repeat. As I work toward completion of my painting homework,… Read more Jostling Joy and Selective Perception

Sycamore trees and artistic friends

On my daily commute, I’m graced with an abundance of sycamore trees. I love their white bark and the curving nature of their branches and limbs. There is beauty in their winter starkness. This morning I was thinking about creativity, my love of art and desire for more hours in the day in which to paint. These thoughts quickly moved to how blessed I am to live in southwest Missouri, an area rich in artists and artistic opportunities. There is beauty everywhere – driving River Road, admiring the art created… Read more Sycamore trees and artistic friends

10 months revealed in 10 days

In 10 days, Friday, October 1, the last 10 months of my creative focus will be unveiled at the opening of the p-i-e-c-e-d TOGETHER exhibit at Carthage artCentral. It will be a bittersweet evening. I have been a little drifting this week, after delivering the 80+ pieces of art for installation. This was designed to be a two-person exhibit. I’ve missed my friend, Jo Mueller, every day since her passing this spring, but perhaps more so these past few days. Like many who have lost loved ones, I reached for… Read more 10 months revealed in 10 days