Painting Acrobatics and Considerations

I’m juggling several painting projects…in some ways it feels like I’m operating a daycare for hyperactive paints and cranky, sleep-deprived canvases.

One large commission has the lion’s share of my attention. I visit that canvas surface daily and consider it’s possibilities multiple times via an ongoing loop in my brain.

Twilight Garden, on display at Intersect Arts Center, St. Louis, MO

Another painting is finished, framed and currently part of an exhibit set to open this weekend in St. Louis. I think of it as a creative entity I birthed via my imagination which is currently away at “camp”. I hope it’s having fun, enjoying the other works nearby.

There’s a painting began for an upcoming gallery show, which stamps it’s pink foot every time I walk by demanding a snack of more paint, perhaps a nibble on a Stabile pencil or swipe of vine charcoal. I think a little nap would do it worlds of good. So, perhaps tonight or this weekend I’ll settle it on an easel again.

Then there’s this lovely tall, gilded, boldly prayerful and colorful piece heading to artCentral in Carthage this weekend. Bold, prayerful and colorful are not always descriptors I would place together in a sentence, yet alone a painting, but in this instance and on this canvas they work.

I become attached to each painting while in-process, then release them into the world to thrive. Only once have I gone searching for a long finished piece, subsequently finding it happily thriving on the wall of a friends home home.

Happy creative Wednesday


  1. I am so happy that you are doing what brings joy to your life. You have a beautiful mind that gives us all these special pieces of art to enjoy. Love you sister!

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