Excuse me…we’re reading

It truly doesn’t matter how old I am (56)….I’m still doing things I think would make my mom proud.

Mom had a fabulous smile, a fantastic laugh, and hands-down the best proof reading/editing skills. She made the best pie crust. She held two masters degree – English Literature and Library Science.

Mom reading to the boys on their first birthday (1996).

She loved her family voraciously – a close second was her love of books. I don’t know if she ever met a book she didn’t like. Growing up, if I was struggling with some big life question, she would tell me to “look it up” or she would find a book and hand it to me so I could find the answer.

Every grandchild was showered with books. This picture was taken when I inadvertently interrupted her reading to our sons during their first birthday party. This is the patient face of a librarian who would like for her daughter to back away “Excuse me – we’re reading” is still what I remember her saying.

Contained within the What Do You See? exhibit at the Joplin Public Library is a painting of a book, selected by me, the one I remember mom reading to me most often. Thanks Mom!


  1. Awesome tribute to Gloria! And, I could add that Gloria always found something nice to say about her sons-n-law… even when we didn’t deserve it. ❤️

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  2. She did have the best laugh!!! I will always be thankful for our time with her. She taught me to love books again. She tried to teach me to make that homemade crust but it never happened. I miss her smile and the question, well Lezlie, what are you reading?

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