What Do You See?

For the past few months my artistic focus has been on 18 abstract paintings depicting the favorite children’s books of the librarians of the Joplin Public Library. The exhibit runs through the summer library reading months of June – August.

My “most favorite” aspect of the exhibit – having the exhibit displayed at a child’s eye view. Adults literally have to stoop down or take a step back to see the paintings.

Pictured is our daughter and two grands at the exhibit opening this past Thursday.

Very early in the opening a young girl literally sprinted around the room pointing to each frame chanting “silly painting,” “silly painting,” “silly painting” – then should would ‘put on the brakes’ and declare – “ooh look a flower”…repeat the “silly painting” race – brake and state “ooh look I think that’s a cat tail”! It. Was. FABULOUS!

I have my favorite paintings in the exhibit – even included one of my favorite books from my childhood. (My mother was a librarian. She loved her family dearly – books were a very close second in terms of her affection. My next blog will be mom/books focused.)

If you’re curious to see the full catalog of 18 paintings, the librarians reasons for selecting the books, etc. – they are viewable on this blog lorimarble.com select “What Do You See (Joplin Public Library) from the menu.


  1. I have been enjoying all of the paintings you have done…so proud of you. I see birds. leaves, and maybe a curious wolf. 🙂

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