Yes. I color.

I won’t event admit how many coloring books I own. Several have been gifts from my immediate family who I’m sure noticed how happy I am surrounding by pens and a seemingly endless books of possibilities all lined out for me.

Day 8 - Coloring sheet in-progress
Day 8 – Coloring sheet in-progress

My Friday’s and Sundays have been deemed “coloring book” creative days. By Friday my brain is sore from the week’s communication and marketing efforts. Working with a small team of very talented type-A personalities guarantees multiple deadlines and last minute-requests. This week was no exception.

Yesterday I was needing to finish up two infographics before I could start my four-hour commute home. As I wrapped up all the day’s earlier team needs I was a little apprehensive I wouldn’t meet the deadline, but I did and with perhaps just a bit more creative ease.

I’m crediting the first week of creative habits.

Flip-side Day 8 coloring
Flip-side Day 8 coloring

I had to add this picture of the flip-side of tonight’s coloring page. I’m excited to see this side when I hopefully finish the sheet Sunday. I think it’s perhaps more interesting than the front.

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