Creativity is a Superpower

Day 40 (A Year of Creative Habits): Today I was telling a friend how her vulnerability in a group meeting was a superpower. When she admitted her fears and spoke honestly and without any excuses – she owned the room! She owned the issue that caused her fear. She earned our respect.

Tonight it occurred to me that creativity is also a superpower, especially when I am willing to share my baby steps and first forays into a medium.

Day 40: Hoping it's the start of a feather.
Day 40: Hoping it’s the start of a feather.

I adore painting. It is incredibly therapeutic. So I bought a bunch of very small canvases so I could play around with colors and not become overwhelmed. I’m not sure if it’s something that will take off for me and that’s ok. Now is good. Receiving encouragement from people with talent is a kick.

I’ve knitted for years and became frustrated this evening with two of my ongoing projects, ultimately unravelling them and rolling the yarn back into balls. Something I thought I had a modicum of talent for got the best of me while a completely novice arena fed my creative habit seeking.

Told you – superpower.


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