Thank you!

Your prayers worked. Surgery is scheduled for early tomorrow morning, Wednesday, February 20.

An update will be posted tomorrow morning following surgery…then if I’m up to it, I’ll post something tomorrow evening.

Here we go!


  1. Hallelujah. Another pair of earrings is coming your way!
    These I feel kinda bad about. I look at them and figure some “exotic dancer” is without her ear adornment because I bought them.

  2. Here we go is right on. Just sharing that my best birthday present EVER would be your successful surgery. Yep – old as dirt and thankful I am not kickin’ dirt on Feb. 20. Celebrating my 73rd birthday tomorrow. Expect you to be dissing my age for a long time! You go girl.

  3. So spend tonight visualizing the experience as you’d like it to be: a smooth check in, a reassuring attendant to welcome you, a confident nurse sharing just the right information, etc. And talk to your body so that it is ready to cooperate and relax and allow the awesome medical team to do its work. Breathe… and breathe again. You are on it! Glad we get this done and can move into recovery with fab earrings!

  4. Prayers remain with you and with all of the team who will providing for your care! You got this and can’t wait to see you rocking all your earrings! 🙏❤️🙏❤️

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