My experience: a video

A few months ago the Mercy integrated marketing team asked if I would speak about my experiences leading up to the deep brain stimulation (DBS) surgery.

The following link takes you to the website. You’ll see an interview with myself and Dr. Kevin Mansfield, Mercy’s neurosurgeon who performed my surgery.

Breakthrough in Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery

I first mentioned this was filmed a few months ago because I feel as if my gait has improved even more. It’s easily a work in-progress – and always will be…but ‘I’m waterproof’…so it’s all good.

Thank you Dr. Mansfield and Mercy Neurosurgery.


  1. Lori,
    What a miracle! It was wonderful to see you and hear how amazing you are doing!! Praise to God for giving your Dr. This ability to enrich lives!!!❤️❤️

  2. You are so blessed to find Dr Mansfield! Makes me so happy to think of all wonderful adventures you and Poppy will experience! Poppy is precious and you are admired and loved by many!

  3. Such a great and hopeful story. What a blessing for all of you that Dr. Mansfield knew he could fix it and you did so well with the fixin’. Great story to tell. Thanks,

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