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What a long, strange year…

I did not want the day to end without acknowledging that it was one year ago when I fell down our kitchen stairs, placing the shattered pieces of one of my favorite coffee cups in my leg, blackening my eye, cutting my face…and finally convincing myself that something was seriously “off” with my health. Over the past 365 days: I received the confirmation of a diagnosis of hemi-dystonia, undergone deep brain stimulation surgery and work with wonderful physical and occupational therapists. Past year highlights: friends who gave me a roller… Read more What a long, strange year…

It’s “Go” Time

Tomorrow morning, Thursday, March 21, is “Go” time for the deep brain stimulation (DBS) device! We meet with my neurologist and a MedTronic representative at 9am to turn on the device. We may have good luck on a tuning right off the bat. We may have to adjust the settings over a series of visits. I’m becoming increasingly impressed with the skills of the physicians and the technology behind the device. There are some crazy smart people in the world and I’m fortunate to have this opportunity. This time feels… Read more It’s “Go” Time

Surgeries – all done!

Both Stage I and Stage II deep brain stimulation surgeries are complete and behind us. Throughout all the experiences and appointments leading up to and during these procedures, we have met the smartest and kindest medical professionals. It seems as if I haven’t been at work in ages. I’m missing my routines. I’m missing my friends…which may have been part of the impetus behind my pushing the limits ‘just a smidge’ at home Tuesday afternoon. I experienced a seizure, which we discovered isn’t uncommon after this type of surgery –… Read more Surgeries – all done!

Update and Random Thoughts: Day 5 Post Surgery

I knew ahead of my Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) – Stage I Surgery on Feb 20 that my post surgery ‘expectation of accomplishments’ were sliding down a steep slope toward illusionary. Reading: My plan includes to read or finish reading four books: Illume: Mysteries of Light by Fr. Philip Krill, The Library Book by Susan Orlean, A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson and Measure What Matters by John Doerr. Painting: I ‘planned’ to break open a new sketchbook – including a daily watercolor floral insert. Continuing in this vein…I… Read more Update and Random Thoughts: Day 5 Post Surgery


Everyone has been lovely – truly – stopping me to say they’re praying for me. It means the world. Here’s a request though, when you pray, pray specifically that any roadblocks to the internal review of the surgery be lifted, eradicated, wiped out, disappear. No one discounts the dystonia diagnosis. There are numerous examples of deep brain stimulators improving the lives of people with this condition. My surgeon is highly qualified and experienced. This is simply new ground for my healthcare system. So…please be specific. Pray that surgery proceeds as… Read more Specifically…

“Ain’t Scared”

I’ve always thought that “ain’t scared” sounded goofy – but it’s the only thing that comes to mind when I consider this post… Friends ask me if I’m scared about the upcoming deep brain stimulation (DBS) surgery. I’m anxious – not scared.  Anxious about what to expect post-surgery, and honestly a little anxious about what I’ll miss at work and within my community groups and circle of friends while recuperating. I’m “scared” of what might happen if I don’treceive treatment, scared of falling more often and harder, scared of an increasing… Read more “Ain’t Scared”