Surgeries – all done!

Both Stage I and Stage II deep brain stimulation surgeries are complete and behind us. Throughout all the experiences and appointments leading up to and during these procedures, we have met the smartest and kindest medical professionals.

It seems as if I haven’t been at work in ages. I’m missing my routines. I’m missing my friends…which may have been part of the impetus behind my pushing the limits ‘just a smidge’ at home Tuesday afternoon.

I experienced a seizure, which we discovered isn’t uncommon after this type of surgery – but most often occurs close in time to the first surgery, not days following.

On the bad side: it scared us all. I have never experienced anything like that – knowing that I was losing control….trying so desperately to hang onto consciousness.

On the good side: Big Al was incredibly helpful. All the tests ran at the Emergency Room were perfect, very reassuring.

So now it’s a matter of making rest a priority. Continuing to heal is my job. The next big date is April 5, when we turn on the unit, begin fine-tuning the settings and keep moving toward a full recovery.


  1. The Sabbath you’re having to observe is more than one day! It’s so hard to beat that compulsion TO DO. ☕️🛌📚🍃❤️❤️❤️

  2. Lori, I’m so sorry you had to experience that scare! Enjoy your time of rest and healing while thinking if all the beautiful paintings you’re going to create. I’ll be watching for them.😍

  3. I’m so glad you have Big Al by your side. Please continue to rest and recoup. Healing vibes from me to you 🌈 🧠⚡️🔮☯️

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