It’s “Go” Time

Tomorrow morning, Thursday, March 21, is “Go” time for the deep brain stimulation (DBS) device! We meet with my neurologist and a MedTronic representative at 9am to turn on the device. We may have good luck on a tuning right off the bat. We may have to adjust the settings over a series of visits.

I’m becoming increasingly impressed with the skills of the physicians and the technology behind the device. There are some crazy smart people in the world and I’m fortunate to have this opportunity.

This time feels pivotal and I thought it timely to capture an updated head/shoulder pictures. My friend Julie (Calotype Photography) took the following shots.

In anticipation of the improvements with movement, I’ve begun painting a series of abstracts using only my left hand. I’m affectionately referring to them as the Wonky Series. There have been 10 created after surgery but before switching “on” and there will be 10 more beginning some time tomorrow. Below are two of the first 10 images:

More to come tomorrow. I can’t wait to share the good news.


  1. You look absolutely beautiful! And, I loved how you sounded on the COF leadership call today. It was good to have you with us. Will get you my write-ups shortly. Been slammed with work and personal bad mojo (to be discussed another time)…Love you girl! I await the good news!!!!

  2. I am sooo happy for you. Your attitude is to be admired. Your photos are beautiful. No matter whether you are wearing a turban or a buzz cut, you are precious. 💜💙💚💛🧡

  3. I am seeing an instant and positive response to being ‘turned on’! 🙂 Your photos are gorgeous and I see this wonderful healing journey unfolding as you expect it to be. Here’s to gratitude for the medical team and their positive focus on your outcome. Rooting for you and them!

  4. I’m reminded of Timothy Leary of LSD fame, Turn On, tune in, drop out. I say go for the first two. The last one didn’t work out so well for that generation. But no tin foil hats, okay?
    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your wonky art. Stick with it, please.

  5. Will look forward to the great news tomorrow! I think the abstracts arena great new expressive direction. BTW, love the short hair doo!

  6. The positive energy radiates from your beautiful pictures! I’m so glad to hear that the process is moving in right direction and I’m certain it’s got a lot to do with how you approach it – with honesty, courage, and openness. Thanks for sharing your story.

  7. We are so thrilled that this is working…like many things, we had not ever heard of such a thing…God is so good and He leads us right to the place and people we need when we trust Him…we will continue to keep you in our thoughts and prayers, as always. Love yall 🙂

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