Oh. My. Goodness!

It’s working!

We just finished two hours with the Medtronic representatives – testing the device, setting my levels.

One of my fears was that today would feel like it does for me when I visit the eye doctor: “Is the first lens better than the second? Is this view better than the last?”….and many times I’m thinking, “Well there’s good aspects to both. Which one is best?”

Nope. This was, and is, clean cut. As one of the sensors was activated, I would feel tingling and possibly my speech would be impacted. Then they would say, “OK, we’re going to dial it back.” Sure enough, the sensations would ease, just as easily as letting air out of a balloon.

We took a video of me walking before turning the DBS device on. We recorded it again after adjusting the settings – HUGE improvement. Everyone agreed.

Our big test was going to see how easily I maneuvered my left leg into the car following the appointment. (I always either have to do this awkward hip tilt and full-body lean, or drag my foot over the car’s threshold.) Not. This. Time! I picked up my foot and stepped into the car beautifully.

Thank you one and all for the prayers, kind words, cards, texts, and ongoing encouragement. You have all been amazing examples of love in action.


  1. Yay!!! I have chills and tears of joy! I am so happy for you and Alan!! What a blessing. God is mazing! Your future is going to be so bright and full of possibilities!! l love you my friend!!

  2. Oh, Lori, this is the most wonderful news of the day!! I’m sure all your family and friends will be wearing smiles as bright as yours upon hearing it!❤️ Many, many prayers answered!🤗 Put on your favorite earrings and celebrate…and then paint some magical flowers with that left hand!😍

  3. Wow! What a time to be alive and daring!
    I’m just learning of your adventures in neuroscience and 10 seconds in, find you have everything under control. Naturally.
    Celebrating your good news. Basking in the glow of your portraits (hotcha!). Praying all continues to proceed better than expected. You got this, sis!

  4. So Dancing With The Stars can’t be out of reach now, right? Please recommend that your husband begin practicing now so that you’ll be ready when auditions are posted.
    Everybody needs a goal.

  5. Doing the Happy Dance just for you! Are you feeling like the bionic woman? I’m thrilled for your recent success with modern medicine. Much love

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