What is…second day back at work?

So today was my second day back at work after a little more than a month off for deep brain stimulation surgery.

At first I was scared the surgery would never happen.

Next, I was scared the surgery would happen. (After all – it’s my brain.)

I have hemi dystonia. After working in communication for over 30 years, my brain decides – at times – it won’t “communicate” with the left side of my body. I’m blessed to work in a hospital system with some incredibly talented neurologists and neurosurgeons.

The device was turned “on” five days ago. It’s working so well. I’m walking better. My left hand is more fluid – quick to react.

This was my second day back at work. I’ve been on the couch since I arrive home shortly after 5:30pm. I forgot how much I enjoyed my Mercy coworkers. I forgot how much I love my job and the quick repartee with the individuals up and down my hallway. Thank you one-touch television recording…I knew I would miss my daily Jeopardy fix.


  1. Hooray for courage and a positive attitude. You are the complete package. Keep going forward (at a caution pace). When Spring is in full bloom, I would like for us to get together . I am very happy for you. Joy

  2. So glad to be friends with you on fb and it’s wonderful reading you’re doing well ! Prayers for your continued progress !

  3. Lori,
    God bless you sister❤️❤️
    I had no idea what you were going through! You were always my favorite MoDOT friend in Joplin when I made the trek to the district!! You’re a strong and beautiful!! Prayers for you!!

  4. Ms. Lori, I had no idea what you have been going through and so glad you are a light for the rest of the world to see. You’ve always been a mentor for me and even more so now. So proud of you and thank you for doing this blog so the rest of us can keep up with you. Love you, big hugs. We must do lunch to celebrate whenever you are ready my friend.

  5. Great news you are getting back into a routine! Words just cannot express how thankful I am that you are doing so well! Really looking forward to seeing you. Let me know if you need a lunch or dinner date.. I will be on it! Love and prayers will continue! 🙂 ( you are rockin’ this new look by the way)

  6. Thanks for the updates! They are a joy to read in the distinctive voice of LM. So glad the DBS and new device is improving your quality of life. Miss you sweet friend. Praying for continued improvement!

  7. Lori, it’s so good to get your continued reports on your progress. And I’m so glad you’re back at work at a job you love! Hope to see you soon. I wasn’t in church this week because I’ve been laid up with a reaction to a shingles shot. No fever or chills – it just settled in my right leg and has kept me from walking – A very minor thing compared to what you’ve been through. Keep up with your happy vibes!

  8. I had no idea about your predicament, but am in no way surprised that you had the courage to go forward with such an idea. How scary, but how necessary for our species that some will “damn the torpedoes” and jump into the abyss of the unknown – or at least vey little known; yet you do so because as you’ve stated some “crazy smart” people have come up with the idea and just need people like you to try it. So happy it is working well and you brain is again communicating with a part of your body. I always enjoyed immensely communicating with you. You were top notch at Crowder, I’ve never had a better spokesperson at MoDOT – they lost a gem with their cutbacks, and since just communicating with you as a friend. I’m also not surprised – and so very glad as a friend – that you have begun this blog so you can communicate all at once with your friends your progress (and maybe setbacks) of this new, and I’m guessing experimental, surgery. From one medical pioneer to another, help give them some answers (while always keeping them guessing also – that’s the rascal in me) and know that in some small way you are benefitting the species. All my love to all, and keep your blogs coming.

  9. Hey! I loved reading about your story with DBS! I myself had the surgery 3 years ago or so (I was only 15 then). I just wrote my first blog post a few days ago about life’s blessings–mind checking it out? https://blessed5ever.home.blog
    I will make sure to write up about my own DBS experience by July as the 18th was the date of the last stage of the surgery. Bless you!!

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