Long Overdue Update

It’s been a little over two months since the first surgery.

Just over one month since the deep brain stimulator was switched “on”.

I’ve enjoyed renewed confidence in my ability to improve. We’re witnessing changes in my left leg which we can only contribute to increased circulation from improved mobility.

I participated in a physical therapy evaluation last week during which it was determined that I have the “balance” of an 80-year-old…and trust me…I’m much improved! (Deep breath – I now have a goal – achieving the balance of a 50-year-old!)

My Wonky Series of paintings, 20 abstracts using only my wonky left hand/right brain are almost complete. I painted #18 yesterday.

I’m looking forward to walking without looking down, playing the piano again smoothly but I’m keeping my hair incredibly short.


  1. It sounds like you fave been a very busy girl! I have faith that you will continue to improve because you work so hard and have so many prayer warriors! 18 paintings is many more than I have done in this length of time! I continue to pray you will progress quickly. Keep smiling! God loves you!

  2. Good Morning, Lori! I’m so happy and thankful for all the improvement you are experiencing! I’ve enjoyed your painting series so much, and will keep you in my prayers as you work toward your new goals. You are inspiring to us all!! Your sort hair is so adorable…glad you are keeping it!❤️

  3. Praise God I know you are encouraged because of the improvement and we are thrilled for you. Love you and will continue to keep you in our prayers. 🙂

  4. Great report! So grateful for the success of the surgery, the results, the continual improvements, your faith and confidence, your beautiful artwork, and God’s goodness. Everything in your update speaks “good”! 😇

  5. Lori,
    Thrilled to hear you are improving. We need to get together for lunch sometime. Your photo of your new hairdo looks great.

  6. Atta Girl!!! So glad for you. I really do think, though, that the balance of a 30 year-old is what you will end up with. 50 is the new 30 and I keep telling myself that 60+ is the new 40+

    Love ya,


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