What a long, strange year…

I did not want the day to end without acknowledging that it was one year ago when I fell down our kitchen stairs, placing the shattered pieces of one of my favorite coffee cups in my leg, blackening my eye, cutting my face…and finally convincing myself that something was seriously “off” with my health.

Over the past 365 days: I received the confirmation of a diagnosis of hemi-dystonia, undergone deep brain stimulation surgery and work with wonderful physical and occupational therapists.

Past year highlights: friends who gave me a roller derby skater name (Mayhem Marble) to explain the original black eye; family and friends who boss me around every morning checking if I’ve slept well, eaten breakfast, completed my exercise.

Frustrations: the disconnect – still – between my brain and my left side. It’s not every day and it’s not in every way, but I have the slimmest measure of patience and when the connection is faulty I’m frustrated.

Cheers to the past 24 hours in which I didn’t fall down. I didn’t stumble. I was proud of the choices I made and confident that I have more improvement ahead.


  1. Cheering with you in Washmo, and looking forward with you to continued improvements! You have shown us all how to face challenges with an indominatable spirit!❤️ And blessed us with such amazing art!!😍

  2. You make me smile… You are an inspiration to me and so many others. I always enjoy talking to you, you have so much good to offer… Love you girl!!!

  3. So proud of you for having endured this past year and come out smiling. You are such an inspiration to so very many people Ms. Lori. Big hugs and love you.

  4. Here’s hoping the times of disconnect and frustration become more and more infrequent! I’ve always admired your strength and confidence. Keep good thoughts!

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