Begin Again

I’ve been looking for a way to begin again: begin blogging again. Begin a daily creative habit – again.

For all of the oddity, fear, and pivoting required in 2020…I was surprisingly blessed. I had artwork accepted in local exhibits. I had a successful showing in Urban Art Gallery, Joplin. I found my style, my way of painting.

I also made it a year without falling. I learned to be aware of the vulnerability caused by the hemi-dystonia and my deep brain stimulator (DBS). Another highlight I’m just now realizing…I made it a year without once again accidentally turning off my DBS. (Note to self: ‘gotta’ be smarter than the device implanted in you.)

My word for this year is “delight”. I’m looking each day for something to delight in. Perhaps my delight is found in the wonderful consistency of Sennelier paints, or the vibrant pinks and golds of a January sunset, or the magic of starting a new book on a winter weekend.

I’m also snagging a second word for 2021: grace. I’m giving myself grace for not beginning – again – this blog on January 1 (too easily expected) or this past Wednesday (too incredibly unexpected). Additionally, I’ll allow myself the grace to find a blogging rhythm and new avenues for my painting in 2021.

Stay safe. Stay creative.


  1. Great news on your everything! DELIGHT AND GRACE POWERFUL WORDS INDEED! You will have another outstanding year Blessed in your walk and your achievements. I believe in You, my friend. But then I always have. Sharon…

  2. Well, it sure is good to hear from you. It is encouraging for me to hear your thoughts and perspectives.
    “2020” was not so bad for us either. Wayne, with Gods help, conquered cancer again, and I stayed healthy all year.
    The norm for us, was actually kind of norm, not forgetting a few bumps along the way, and realizing it was really hard for some. Love you bunches and look forward to the next blog. 🙂

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