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My True LinkedIn Skills

Do you remember when LinkedIn, self-described as “the world’s largest professional network on the Internet” was hacked? A Russian techno-thug managed to obtain 6.5 million of the over 161 million users’ passwords and uploaded them to a website. For a couple of days news groups that cover social media and people who are active on LinkedIn were busy updating their information and encouraging their contacts to do the same. Of course I was right in the middle of it. As I’ve written previously, after my email hacking experience last year,… Read more My True LinkedIn Skills

Allergic to Negativity

I’m developing a stronger and stronger aversion to negativity the older I become. I try to check my own negative reaction to all things “snarky” but find it sometime in short supply. I especially have little patience with my own occasional bad attitude. Take this week – I have found so many reasons to be thankful and appreciative. Rather than complain about the high cost of gas, I’m appreciating the opportunity to work and meet “remotely.” Yesterday afternoon I had a meeting via the phone and internet with one of… Read more Allergic to Negativity

Monkey passwords

I read an article recently that listed the worst passwords. As you can expect there were a lot of passwords that listed ‘123’ or ‘321’ as part of their makeup. ‘Superman’ and ‘monkey’ are apparently used quite frequently by individuals as their personal password; so frequently in fact that they are two of the combinations that hackers know to try when working to gain access to accounts. I love it that people think of monkeys when creating their personal passwords. I’ve created elaborate lists of obscure letter, number and symbol… Read more Monkey passwords

Prepare for the Best

Recently, I was kindly admonished by a friend that I was “worse casing;” envisioning everything that could go wrong with a situation and discounting the positive. I had to agree. Maybe it’s part of the public relations landscape that I always try to prepare for the worst. I think of all the tough questions, prepare for inclement weather, and anticipate the inevitable hiccup in the plans. For some that practice would simply be thought of as thorough planning – being prepared. What it doesn’t allow for is the unexpected surprise,… Read more Prepare for the Best

Photographing The Way We Live

New Year’s resolutions when followed out for a time have a wonderful way of reordering our personal experience. Since agreeing with myself that I would “knit the sky” each evening, I have both spent more time looking up than looking down and been able to carve out just a few minutes each evening for my favorite pastime. This past Monday the sky was a beautiful shade of almost perfect blue. I kept being caught up in the vastness of the space above. I had great spans of time in which… Read more Photographing The Way We Live

Every Day – A Little Better

Better then yesterday…that’s my goal in 2012. Every day I want to be just a little better compared to the day before. Some days it will be my writing has improved.  I’ll also be working to improve my ability to spot a photographic moment to enhance my various blog postings. While still other days I’ll work on my ever evolving organizational skills. Whatever the day’s achievement, the best I can strive for is that it enhances my abilities and further serves those I work for through my freelance efforts. No… Read more Every Day – A Little Better

You are?

On a recent summer roadtrip, we stopped at a national fastfood chain for lunch.  Placing our simple order, I waited for a “Thanks.  Is there anything else?”  Instead I got a dramatic eyeroll from the teen cashier, followed by “You are?” I was so taken aback I replied, “I’m what?” This was followed by an even more outrageous eyeroll, a disgusted huff and “What’s your name?” “Why do you want my name?” I asked. “It’s for you order,” she answered back in a tone that left no doubt she thought I… Read more You are?