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Prepare for the Best

Recently, I was kindly admonished by a friend that I was “worse casing;” envisioning everything that could go wrong with a situation and discounting the positive. I had to agree. Maybe it’s part of the public relations landscape that I always try to prepare for the worst. I think of all the tough questions, prepare for inclement weather, and anticipate the inevitable hiccup in the plans. For some that practice would simply be thought of as thorough planning – being prepared. What it doesn’t allow for is the unexpected surprise,… Read more Prepare for the Best

Photographing The Way We Live

New Year’s resolutions when followed out for a time have a wonderful way of reordering our personal experience. Since agreeing with myself that I would “knit the sky” each evening, I have both spent more time looking up than looking down and been able to carve out just a few minutes each evening for my favorite pastime. This past Monday the sky was a beautiful shade of almost perfect blue. I kept being caught up in the vastness of the space above. I had great spans of time in which… Read more Photographing The Way We Live

Every Day – A Little Better

Better then yesterday…that’s my goal in 2012. Every day I want to be just a little better compared to the day before. Some days it will be my writing has improved.  I’ll also be working to improve my ability to spot a photographic moment to enhance my various blog postings. While still other days I’ll work on my ever evolving organizational skills. Whatever the day’s achievement, the best I can strive for is that it enhances my abilities and further serves those I work for through my freelance efforts. No… Read more Every Day – A Little Better

You are?

On a recent summer roadtrip, we stopped at a national fastfood chain for lunch.  Placing our simple order, I waited for a “Thanks.  Is there anything else?”  Instead I got a dramatic eyeroll from the teen cashier, followed by “You are?” I was so taken aback I replied, “I’m what?” This was followed by an even more outrageous eyeroll, a disgusted huff and “What’s your name?” “Why do you want my name?” I asked. “It’s for you order,” she answered back in a tone that left no doubt she thought I… Read more You are?


I would hope for most public relations practitioners the subject of client/employer loyalty would be at or incredibly close to the top of their ethical mountain. Regardless of when I have worked for myself or been employed full-time by a larger organization, I have always stated “I work for the Lori Marble Public Relations Firm [insert employer’s name here] is my largest client. They have me on a very large retainer and they deserve my focused loyalty.” When working in public relations and you come to a crossroad where you can… Read more Loyal