Days 98-101: When I began the Year of Creative Habits I hoped a daily creative activity would ultimately help with my writing. I’m now 101 days in and I think it has – and more. My word choices have expanded, my thoughts jump and connect smoother and I’m able to “dive in” to projects easier. One of the aspects I’ve imposed on my daily creative practice is that it takes no more time than 30 minutes to an hour. In turn, these short bursts of concentrated focus have helped me learn to grab onto and complete writing assignments quicker . This…


It’s been 10 days since I last blogged about my ongoing “year of creative habits” practice. The creativity has been ongoing but the writing has stagnated. I’m looking at changing up my writing time and somehow fitting it into my morning routine as opposed to late in the evening – henceforth today’s early morning post. Spring showers – I woke up at 4am to a perfect spring thunderstorm with just the right amount of lightning and rain. My cloud study from this past Monday:                 Other creative habits, days 75-83, include:    …

Simple Sunday

Day 59: I have a problem of always hoping, wanting, trying to pack too much into Sundays. I feel the pressure of the coming Monday and the connected four-hour commute to my weekly team work site. Everything I hope to accomplish is good: nice walk, yoga, writing, laundry, family calls…but I never seem to get it all accomplished. Therefore, the creative habit has to be simple and satisfying. A nice coloring book and my box of Prismacolor colored pencils. Mission accomplished.

Quick Fix

Day 56: Creative Habits can also be good for gaining a cloak of invisibility and allowing oneself (me) to listen in on the conversations of young adults (my children without appearing too interested and thus scaring them away. It’s also a great way of learning that the above mentioned children actually follow my Creative Habits efforts and have their favorite Instagram postings. Who knew the powers of a simple coloring page and a box of markers.

Good things come in threes

Days 50, 51 & 52 (Year of Creative Habits): It’s been a good weekend. Lots of sleep. Lots of laughs. Good food and my creative habits. Okay…that’s actually six, if you count my various creative habits. Day 50: I finished my first small canvas. I was “going” for a feather. Looks like I got close. Day 51: Progress continued on the latest knitting project. This yarn is one I’ve held onto for months not knowing how to use it. The color still makes me happy and the pattern continues to show off the yarns variegated color and texture. Day 52: Good tools…