Creative Saturday

Day 37 (A Year of Creative Habits): Saturdays have returned. Long expanses of time complete with friends, family, good books, creative habits and lots of sunshine.

Today I saw a group of young children who had just finished a photography workshop come pouring down a staircase, their voices cascading over one another, each one excited about the images they planned to capture.

Day 37: More knitting and coloring of butterflies...but I'm not complaining.
Day 37: More knitting and coloring of butterflies…but I’m not complaining.

The workshop instructor, a local studio photographer and incredibly imaginative teller of tales through his camera, was just as excited. He’s someone I’ve known since he was a student at Crowder College over 20 years ago. Even then he was someone bursting with ideas, just like the kids in his class today, his plans too many to stay contained.

Saturdays are good when you catch yourself believing, if only for a moment, that they will last forever. Believing that the false spring of early February will stay intact through March. Believing that as long as you’re knitting in the sunshine the sun won’t set and the weekend won’t be hours closer to ending.

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