Day 36: My mother’s mother adored butterflies. She had framed images of butterflies positioned on gold background for emphasis. She had butterfly brooches.

Day 36: Detail from "Coloring Butterflies" (Arcturus)
Day 36: Detail from “Coloring Butterflies” (Arcturus)

My jewelry box contains a few pieces of her butterfly jewelry. In particular her purple butterflies pens are ones I kept but don’t wear. I would feel like an imposter – trying to pull off her exuberance.

Mom once told me about a dream she had in which “Granny Go Go” (another post for the name) was this brilliantly colored butterfly and my mother was this moth of various brown hues. They would spend their day flying around their kids and grandkids just making sure everything was ok.

I often greet butterflies when they pass by, just on the off-chance we’re related.

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