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Tag: Noah’s Ark

Day 95 (Counting Down 100 Days to My 50th)

I am blessed. I was scared to move to a new town to work half of each week but took the position with Mercy’s Noah’s Ark team in part because it was a BIG decision and because I would turn 50 during the time. I am blessed because in the middle of this new community I have found a lovely circle of female friends. They have brought me into the middle of their group and I am so appreciative. Friends have always been important to my every day happiness but… Read more Day 95 (Counting Down 100 Days to My 50th)

Day 100 (Counting Down To My 50th Birthday)

I recently read an article listing changes you could make, each having a significant impact on your health, if you would do them for 100 consecutive days. I am fascinated with my approaching 50th birthday. You could say borderline obsessed but let’s stay with fascinated just to sound less extreme. When I read the article I was 123 days away from the “event.” I selected a few items to attempt, with the anticipation of hitting the second half of my life feeling good. I work for Mercy Health System’s Noah’s… Read more Day 100 (Counting Down To My 50th Birthday)