Day 95 (Counting Down 100 Days to My 50th)

I am blessed.

I was scared to move to a new town to work half of each week but took the position with Mercy’s Noah’s Ark team in part because it was a BIG decision and because I would turn 50 during the time.

I am blessed because in the middle of this new community I have found a lovely circle of female friends. They have brought me into the middle of their group and I am so appreciative.

Friends have always been important to my every day happiness but that is becoming increasing more so with every day.

Microsoft Band Update: my “guy friends” on the Ark have taken to making it a habit to “walk Lori” as I refer to it – making sure I hit my daily steps count. (Made it again today and went over by 1,422 steps.) These walks have become mobile meetings and I am always so much more alert by the time we get back to the office.

I’m also finding the sleep tracker to be very revealing. I think I’m getting enough sleep but clearly less than six hours is not optimal. It’s also fascinating to see that I am always asleep within five minutes of laying down. I’m too tired and must make sleep a priority.

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