Day 96 (Counting Down 100 Days to My 50th)

Today was a good day for the health goals. I hit my step count (thank you Microsoft Band…you endless reminder and ‘truth teller’ of just how active/inactive I truly am). I avoided the beautiful dish of M&Ms and I remained true to my no pop/no chips decision.

The big ah-ha moment came after work when I was talking with one of my friends. We were sharing notes on how we are both major list makers. We are the queen mothers of the kingdom of worry, and perennial saboteurs of our own happiness.

It didn’t take long before this honest and vulnerable conversation had us both moved to tears.

So add to my list of what I will not drag into the second half of my life – worry. Bye-bye the constant stress of the “what-ifs’ and the “if-onlys”.

I’m going for happy, healthy and relaxed.

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