Days 94 -91: Storms Happen

It took only five days for my “daily” blogging commitment to fall by the wayside. I blame the storms.

First there was the incredible thunderstorm that blew through one day at work. I wasn’t aware that the tornado siren was next to our office until it activated in short bursts as a warning of the impending storm. Then there was the power surge to the building that activated that fire alarms and strobe lights for several minutes.

That evening I wrote an amazing blog – in my head – about my “wind-swept” moods on aging…blah, blah, blah. Funny thing: if I write something in my head I had better get it on paper soon because mentally I thinking I’m done. Once I commit a blog, news release, speech or presentation to a page I can’t remember what I’ve written. I’ve given it up. Let it go.

Back to the storms: On day 93 I was anxious to get home from my job and apartment in Washington, Mo., to my home in Neosho, Mo. It is a four-hour drive. I failed to take into consideration the possibility of thunderstorms hugging the interstate, like they often do on warm spring evenings. An early April 85 degree temperature at 5pm should have been my first clue. But I set out for the trip, ignorant of the wind, and the hail, and the lightening just minutes ahead. Once I thought I was being washed off the road, and two times the hail was hitting so hard I’m surprised a window didn’t crack.

Day 92 brought storminess to my work. My relationships and connections are good. There were rapid project requests, gusty deadlines and sooner than expected demands on projects.

Daily walk garage sale find
Daily walk garage sale find

Day 91: You wouldn’t exactly call it sunny weather. But the grass is so green both literally and figuratively. The flowers are gorgeous. I now need a daily walk and came across the “Little Ben” alarm clock at a garage sale. The loud ticking is comforting. I’m not even anxious at the passing afternoon time. Instead I’m enjoying the company as I work.

Microsoft Band: It’s been interesting to track how little and/or how restlessly I have slept the past few nights. There were storms passing through during two of them. The other two I tossed and turned worrying about one thing or the next. I’m hopeful that as I maintain and then pass my step and exercise goals that I good night’s sleep will follow.

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