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Tag: 50th Birthday

Applicant must be able to do math…(#100daysto50)

I’m kind of famous for not being able to do math…or even be able to comprehend how numbers work. I frustrated a friend this morning by not being able to answer a basic financial starting point question. I understand that money is mathematical in nature, I try to keep as much of it as possible and trust I’ll come out “ok” in the end. Numbers remind me of colors. Eight is always orange. The number seven is a lovely periwinkle; while “one” is a gauzy white. Please all left-brain readers… Read more Applicant must be able to do math…(#100daysto50)

Day 95 (Counting Down 100 Days to My 50th)

I am blessed. I was scared to move to a new town to work half of each week but took the position with Mercy’s Noah’s Ark team in part because it was a BIG decision and because I would turn 50 during the time. I am blessed because in the middle of this new community I have found a lovely circle of female friends. They have brought me into the middle of their group and I am so appreciative. Friends have always been important to my every day happiness but… Read more Day 95 (Counting Down 100 Days to My 50th)

Day 97 (Counting Down 100 Days to My 50th Birthday)

In the movie Boyhood, Patricia Arquette’s character tells her son “College is where you meet your people.” I loved that line. College began for me over 30 years ago but I’m blessed to retain several friends from that time. Today was Easter. Perhaps the sentiment of that movie line is more appropriate for the feeling I have toward my relationship with the “people” of my church. Our pastor often refers to us as a community. He talks often about the connections we share. He speaks to the support we need… Read more Day 97 (Counting Down 100 Days to My 50th Birthday)

Day 100 (Counting Down To My 50th Birthday)

I recently read an article listing changes you could make, each having a significant impact on your health, if you would do them for 100 consecutive days. I am fascinated with my approaching 50th birthday. You could say borderline obsessed but let’s stay with fascinated just to sound less extreme. When I read the article I was 123 days away from the “event.” I selected a few items to attempt, with the anticipation of hitting the second half of my life feeling good. I work for Mercy Health System’s Noah’s… Read more Day 100 (Counting Down To My 50th Birthday)