Day 99 (Counting Down 100 Days to My 50th Birthday)

The pop and chips "enjoyed" over days 103-101.
The last pop and chips I “enjoyed” over days 103-101. 


Two of the improvements I’m making over the next 100 days involves giving up, letting go, relinquishing – pop, chips and sweets. I’m not a big sweets eater but one of my Noah’s Ark team members keeps a bowl full of peanut M&Ms. We’ve all grown quite fond of that bowl of chocolate over the last few months of deadlines.

I once was a dedicated walker. My normal step count was always over 10,000. A couple of desk-intensive jobs nipped that in the bud – although my brain was under the false impression I was still fairly active. The Microsoft Band I’m wearing for this countdown has made me be honest in just how lethargic I’ve become.  So now I have a realistic daily target to get started, with the 10,000 steps routine back in range sooner than later.



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