A Well Fit Dishwasher

“What is something you do well?” That was the Your Turn Challenge Question for Day 4 – which should have been Thursday. My personal commitment was to write my thoughts on that question last week but a four-hour car ride and a hacked email account sidelined my plans.

It was all for good. Over the course of the 200+ mile interstate drive I had mentally crafted an over-the-top tale of my best skills – all of which were expertly tied to my professional public relations and communications goals.

It’s now Sunday night. You want to know one of my best skills? I am an amazing loader of the dishwasher.

Don’t laugh. I use to attribute it to a misspent youth spent playing Tetris in the local convenience store. I can see patterns of where items will fit without disturbing or taking away from the next item.

Now I appreciate my patience in placing and replacing each dish and cup in the most beneficial manner. It’s not so different from working with communication plans. Moving the campaign pieces around, seeing where each item has the best advantage.

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