Mentor Me – #yourturnchallenge

Here’s my #yourturnchallenge answer to the Day 3 question – Something you think should be improved.

It’s embarrassing to offer a suggestion for something that should be improved. I lack for nothing. Any problem or concern I could offer up is certainly of the first-world-comfortable-middle-class-no-reason-to-ever-ask-for-anything variety. I am comfortable, well employed and surrounded by friends and family.

Yet, at age 49, and in a position to see my half-century mark rapidly approaching I would love have a greater ease in which to find and designate a “life mentor” for my next 50 years.

When faced with a change in career direction two years ago, I had an older female friend advise me to take the offer, stating “Lori, anything I did of any significance occurred after I was 50.” She was speaking from a professional standpoint but I could easily see parallels within other fingers of my life.

I’m looking for a mentor or mentors; women who can offer up their intelligence and experience. I’m hungry for their input. I feel a renewed significance is just around the corner.

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