All Hail the Friends

It doesn’t take any thought to know that my immediate family and my tight circle of friends, those I refer to as my “personal board of directors” are what/who is most important to me.

Curiously both of these sets of relationships are circular. If I talk to one in the group I feel compelled to touch base with the other. It’s a beautiful trifecta of motherhood if I’m able to hear from all three of our children in one day. And I’m not particular. A shout-out on Facebook, a text, a quick call or email and I’m good.

It’s the same relationship with my friends. The can send me a pin on Pinterest, tag me in an Instagram post or pop their head in on the way to lunch and all is right in my world.

It’s it interesting that my friends, as much as I care for them individually, are not friends with each other. I can easily see reflections of them in each other. A quick laugh, an even quicker wit and an always honest answer are characteristics they share as easily as my family shares a love for the Beatles and quirky movies.


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