Your Turn Challenge

The Your Turn Challenge Blog came about at a great time.

I’ve stopped and started my personal blog a dozen times over the last two years. Two years mark the point at which I stopped working for myself and began a different career course.

I can’t say I wasn’t warned. The week before I was offered the position, my boss’ boss straightforwardly told me that the new job would take all my attention. It certainly did, at least for the first year but then I became jealous of the time I once had writing. I missed the reaction, the give and take, I would exchange with individuals who would read my blog or weekly newspaper column.

Wishing to write something and actually doing it are never located on the same page – at least in my world so this challenge is exactly the kick in the pants I need.

I want to not worry about a word count or campaign theme. I simply want to write, enjoy the process and roll around in the words.

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