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A Well Fit Dishwasher

“What is something you do well?” That was the Your Turn Challenge Question for Day 4 – which should have been Thursday. My personal commitment was to write my thoughts on that question last week but a four-hour car ride and a hacked email account sidelined my plans. It was all for good. Over the course of the 200+ mile interstate drive I had mentally crafted an over-the-top tale of my best skills – all of which were expertly tied to my professional public relations and communications goals. It’s now… Read more A Well Fit Dishwasher

Mentor Me – #yourturnchallenge

Here’s my #yourturnchallenge answer to the Day 3 question – Something you think should be improved. It’s embarrassing to offer a suggestion for something that should be improved. I lack for nothing. Any problem or concern I could offer up is certainly of the first-world-comfortable-middle-class-no-reason-to-ever-ask-for-anything variety. I am comfortable, well employed and surrounded by friends and family. Yet, at age 49, and in a position to see my half-century mark rapidly approaching I would love have a greater ease in which to find and designate a “life mentor” for my… Read more Mentor Me – #yourturnchallenge

All Hail the Friends

It doesn’t take any thought to know that my immediate family and my tight circle of friends, those I refer to as my “personal board of directors” are what/who is most important to me. Curiously both of these sets of relationships are circular. If I talk to one in the group I feel compelled to touch base with the other. It’s a beautiful trifecta of motherhood if I’m able to hear from all three of our children in one day. And I’m not particular. A shout-out on Facebook, a text,… Read more All Hail the Friends

Your Turn Challenge

The Your Turn Challenge Blog came about at a great time. I’ve stopped and started my personal blog a dozen times over the last two years. Two years mark the point at which I stopped working for myself and began a different career course. I can’t say I wasn’t warned. The week before I was offered the position, my boss’ boss straightforwardly told me that the new job would take all my attention. It certainly did, at least for the first year but then I became jealous of the time… Read more Your Turn Challenge