Deadline approaching

Funny how fast my days fly by…especially when wrapped up in a large “I’m-almost-50-so-its-time-I-tackle-this” project.

My effort is applying for a professional designation. I decided months ago I would apply but with the deadline now six days away my eight-page application looms large in front of me.

A screen full of edits.
A screen full of edits.

Work days for me are most often 10 hours, so the time I have to devote to the editing and rewriting is precious and limited. I know that my brain works best when I have a decent (read as seven hours) amount of sleep.

My Microsoft band has provided a fascinating look at the poor quality of my current sleep. I tend to not turn off my brain – ever. I walk and talk in my sleep. It appears that currently I’m dreaming of writing in my sleep as well.

This coming week has to be focused: enough sleep, eat well, time for work, time for writing. I want everything signed off, turned in, lights out – ahead of the Thursday deadline.


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