Creative Sleuthing

I don’t “do” resolutions…too much pressure. At age 50 I claim the ability to have some control over events allowed to stress me out.

What I have decided to undertake this year are a few “stretches.” In one instance I’ve joined a group of talented, far-flung individuals who have been brought together by our mutual admiration and following last year of Springfield artist Crystal Moody’s “Year of Creative Living.”

As my creative habit for 2016, I’m going to come back to the habit of blogging – daily. Some posts I’ll share via social media, while others will reside quietly here on my blog for those who are interested to find.

I’m going to be on the lookout for creativity. Perhaps its an act of creative kindness, a brilliant bit of writing, an especially captivating bit of craftsmanship or an intriguing bit of creative leadership. I’ll see how I can capture that here and hopefully share an accompanying picture on Instagram as well.

Creatively yours,

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