The finished concept

Day 20: Favorite color
Day 20: Favorite color

Day 20: Often when I write, whether for work or myself, I have the end product in mind.

I know what emotions I want to bring up in the reader. I’m confident of what information must be relayed and decision made. I can see the finished concept. I’m somewhat sure of how the process will play out.

“Painting Wednesdays” have produced some of the same interpretations for me. I know how I want the finished piece to look. I have the colors mapped out. I have a story and emotion in mind when I’m playing with the paint.

What I’m also finding interesting is that I often become stuck with a color combination that’s too bold, like choosing a word that could be construed as harsh. So, I have to step back, let the work cool off for a time; come back to it with fresh eyes.

Day 20: Starting to shape up
Day 20: Starting to shape up

I’m hopefully anticipating the finished concept coming together with this painting. No one may ever see what I do but that’s ok. I’m finding the time well-spent and rewarding.

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