Habit Forming

Day 21: It was once commonly believed that if you wanted to instill a habit you needed to repeat it 21 days consecutively. I’ve now read that the “21 days” belief is

Day 21: Shameless Zentangle
Day 21: Shameless Zentangle

only applicable to tasks no simpler than drinking a daily glass of water – anything more complex and you’ll need more time.

I can’t say that 21 days of creative expression have magically paved the way for new insights and improved skills. What the past three weeks have done is introduce me to an incredible group of artisans and writers. Talented folks I would have probably never met otherwise.

Also, it’s given me an opening line when I meet artists or writers that I want to learn more about. So far I haven’t come across one who doesn’t share the same hopes and even insecurities.

Day 21: Great fortune
Day 21: Great fortune

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