Must. Finish.

Day 25: I love writing lists. I have a section in my planner that are simply lists – lists of places I want to visit, books I want to read, quotes I love, projects to try, blog ideas. But more than any of my beloved lists, I adore checking items off my “to-

Day 25: Holding on by one loop.
Day 25: Holding on by one loop.

do” list.

Tonight was the night to check off knitting the shawl.

There comes a time in any knitting project when I’m ready to simply get it off the needles. I want to be untethered from the sticks and the bag and the yarn and let the piece simply be. Step back and examine what it has become.

I wrote earlier this month that for weeks I had contemplated just how the bind off would work and the loops would create, never quite picturing it in my mind. It wasn’t until I allowed myself to be caught up in the process that the understanding of the finishing process slid in “sideways” into my understanding. It was an “oh – there you are” awareness more than a processing through the steps.

Day 25: Loop closeup
Day 25: Loop closeup

So, tonight I checked off a knitted piece freed from the needles. I’ll spend the rest of the week unravelling and knotting the loops happy in a finished project.


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