Recipe for a Near Perfect Day

Day 30: There are certain ingredients that when mixed in the right combination pretty much guarantee a near perfect day. Today’s special recipe included:

  • Starting a new knitting project

    Day 30: My new project (Day 1, Row 4 complete)
    Day 30: My new project (Day 1, Row 4 complete)
  • Visiting with my neighbor Marvin
  • 70 degree weather (in January)
  • A tall, skinny vanilla latte
  • Taking in two new exhibits at Spiva Center for the Arts
  • Antique shopping
  • A seriously successful craft store run – great coupons and serious sales

Good days are the ones that unfold effortlessly, when you have plans that change and suddenly you’re looking at hours you previously were missing. Good days are when your brain is bumped around the edges and expanded by artists you had yet to discover and when you become newly intrigued by artists you thought you knew quite well.

Good days are ones that start out with you listening to your favorite playlists and being amused at his the same instrumental moves you to tears – again.

Wonderful January near perfect day.

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