One Month More Creative

Day 31: One month of creative habits is in the books. I’ve spent the last 31 days incorporating a creative practice into my day, along with blogging about how that routine has impacted my work, outlook, overall demeanor.

Day 31: A lot of work and a little creative play  - make Lori a better writer
Day 31: A lot of work and a little creative play – make Lori a better writer

Anecdotally, it’s a success. I’ve watched less television (easy). I’m more observant. More importantly it’s increasingly easier for me to stop one task and begin another – find the flow of the thoughts quicker whether it’s my creative practice or my work writing.

Today was a good day that zipped by quickly. I have a large work presentation that I’m still tackling but throughout the day, when my attention lagged, I would take a 15 minute break and knit or color, both repetitive, easy to stop and start activities.

This month was for me. I needed to become comfortable with daily creative activities and blogging about them. February is about keeping that practice while making note and blogging about how and where I find creativity, at work, on my commute, in conversations, etc.

February, the shortest and often coldest month, just might be the brightest and most engaging as well.

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