Red Rover, Red Rover

Day 32: Red Rover, Red Rover…send Lori right over. I’ve been watching the Iowa Caucus all evening. Early this evening, when the Democratic Caucuses were beginning and the candidate delegates were lined up across the room from one another – I couldn’t help but be reminded of the  playground game.

Here’s a little secret. I’ve had the Caucus on my calendar for a couple of weeks. I hurried to get all my “to dos” done early so I could watch the results on TV.

I’m a campaign junkie, an armchair commentator.  I love politics and art.  It’s not surprising that I found my educational niche with a bachelor’s degree in public relations and a master’s in art history. Go figure.

Day 32: Iowa Caucus Zen Mandala
Day 32: Iowa Caucus Zen Mandala

So what does a girl do when her “focus” for the year is on nurturing creative habits and her angst is growing with each poll and spin of the rhetoric machine…she draws Zen Mandalas.

Anytime I’m caught up in political coverage I miss Dave Winegardner and the “real” KBTN radio of Neosho. I loved the music they played to cue-up the live coverage from the Newton and McDonald county courthouses. I loved the unabashed enthusiasm of the winning candidates and supporters when they were interviewed live on-air. Dave always was the consummate professional and looking back he was incredibly creative in how he always had great content, interviews ready and just the right opening and closing comments to put the evening in perspective.


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