This is my brain with creative friends

Day 33: It was a long day. I knew it would be. I knew it would be a day with multiple rewrite and do-overs. Writing presentations for a group of very strong type-A personalities is always intense up and until the last word is stated.

There were varying aspects of creativity in how the presentation was designed and presented but the parameters and timelines were tight.

Tonight was devoted to a group of women I meet with once a month. The age range of the women is fairly wide. Many aspects of what we do and believe binds us together but one of the most evident is the high level of creativity in which they immerse themselves. Writers, artists, incredible cooks, speakers, were all represented in the room tonight.

Day 33: Daphne's Diary Coloring Book page (watercolor pencils)
Day 33: Daphne’s Diary Coloring Book page (watercolor pencils)

I decided today to simply practice my “year of creative habits” by coloring. After work and before an evening with my creative circle of friends, my page looked subdued and muted; watercolor pencils provided a soft, quiet effect.

Compare and contract the same page, different section, after I returned home from my time with friends – vibrant, bold colors from brush-tip markers.

I’m a people person. I draw energy from my friends and the time we spend together – especially the creative ones. The proof is in the color.

Day 33: Daphne's Diary Coloring Book (brush tip markers)
Day 33: Daphne’s Diary Coloring Book (brush tip markers)

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